• Brachers successfully settled a claim for a client where a pedestrian sustained a head injury after being struck by a car.

    The case of a road traffic accident causing head injury

    Our client had been out celebrating and was returning home. In order to get home she needed to walk along an unlit road that didn’t have a path. To ensure her safety she took a couple of precautions including using a torch and walked as close to the side of the road as possible to avoid danger.

    Unfortunately, a driver was less careful whilst driving along the road and struck our client at speed from behind.

    Our client sustained multiple injuries. The injuries included a brain injury which affected her eyesight and caused headaches for a long time after the initial injury.

    How our Personal Injury team progressed the head injury claim

    The insurance company for the driver admitted liability which allowed us to secure funding for any further rehabilitation our client required.

    Rather than showing that the injuries were caused by the defendant, we instead had to show that the extent and duration of the multiple injuries our client sustained had caused significant harm and required extensive treatment. To assist us with our investigation, we gathered a number of medical reports from a range of different medical disciplines ranging from neurological to orthopaedic.

    Thankfully due to early rehabilitation, our client was able to make a good recovery and was left with only a couple of symptoms that affected her vision including photophobia (discomfort in bright light) and a sense of imbalance. These symptoms could have been overlooked and assumed to be linked to the wider neurological injury however we decided that a specialist report dealing with these symptoms would be beneficial.

    Securing settlement of the head injury claim for our client

    We were able to secure a six-figure settlement for our client which included the cost of the treatment recommended by our neuro-otologist in their report.

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