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    Miss R was a front seat passenger in a car driven by her mother, which was struck by another vehicle, resulting in a neck and back injury.  At the time, Miss Ritchie was still a minor. Lyn Gibbons acted for Miss Ritchie in relation to her personal injury claim.

    Following the accident, Miss R suffered pain in her neck, mid and lower back, aggravated by standing, sitting or lying down for long periods, and which would wake her during the night.  Despite osteopathy treatment and extensive physiotherapy over a long period, her symptoms failed to improve. She also underwent facet joint injections and bilateral sacroiliac joint injections, but neither alleviated her symptoms.

    Brachers arranged for Miss R to have MRI scans of her neck and lower spine, funded by the Defendant’s insurers, which were reported as showing no underlying issues.  Miss R was seen by a Consultant Pain Specialist and was diagnosed as having developed a chronic pain syndrome secondary to a soft tissue injury suffered in the road traffic accident.  Her symptoms were not expected to fully resolve, although attendance at a pain management programme, the use of a TENS machine and acupuncture were recommended to assist in managing her symptoms of chronic pain syndrome.

    Outcome of the claim

    Following Court Proceedings, Lyn Lester successfully negotiated settlement of Miss R’s claim in a five figure sum, which included provision for future treatment costs to enable Miss R to seek treatment to help her to manage her symptoms of chronic pain throughout her lifetime.

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