Arbitration extended to include disputes about children

Arbitration extended to include disputes about children

On 18 July 2016 the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) launched the Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme. Previously excluded from the arbitration process, parties will now be able to resolve disputes relating to the exercise of Parental Responsibility and other matters affecting the welfare of children within the scheme. Such disputes may include questions of where a child should live and whom they should spend time with.


Arbitration is considered to have a number of advantages when compared to more traditional methods of solving family law disputes; the process can be flexible and engineered to suit the parties’ needs and timetable; it can often be cheaper as delay is likely to be reduced and the parties will have certainty of an outcome on the basis that arbitration is premised on the parties being given a binding decision.


By extending the family law arbitration scheme to include matter relating to children, IFLA have provided parties with another useful device with which to resolve their disputes.


For more details about the potential advantages of arbitration for resolving family disputes click here.

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