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Colin Smith


Colin is committed to finding solutions for his clients. Whether that may be on a tricky workplace grievance or disciplinary all the way through to large scale collective redundancies, TUPE transfer or tribunal claims.


  • Reorganisations, redundancy and restructuring
  • TUPE (transfer of undertakings)
  • Settlement and compromise agreements
  • Tribunal claims
  • Finding solutions


  • The Law Society
  • The Employment Lawyers Association


Colin provides advice to clients to get them where they need to be as a business in a commercial and cost effective way. His focus is on early intervention and prevention, dealing with issues at an early stage before they escalate.

Colin is dedicated in finding the right solution for each client and acts mainly for larger corporate clients in the construction, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare spheres as well as assisting senior executives in times of need. Colin has specialised in employment law for over 10 years and has been a Partner at Brachers since 2012.

Recent cases

  • Advising on a large scale (250+) collective redundancy processes.
  • Handling multiple holiday pay claims and wider advice on holiday pay changes.
  • Dealing with trade union recognition requests in the manufacturing sector.

Protecting your business: Compliance with employment law

Non-compliance with the requirements of employment law can give rise to significant liabilities and there are plenty of banana skins for the unwary. Employers should of course seek expert advice in individual cases but there are some basic steps that employers can take to protect their business. Read more


“Keep it secret, keep it safe”: The Trade Secrets Directive

A new Trade Secrets Directive is expected in May 2018; how will this support businesses in protecting their intangible assets and know how? Read more


Will your business’ reputation survive reporting your gender pay gap?

Equal pay is an area of law stark in its statistics with a 21.4% full time pay gap reported in the UK between men and women in 2012. Read more


The Braganza case - employers - arbitrary, capricious, irrational or perverse

Employment contracts contain sometimes contain discretionary powers and these allow an employer to make decisions affecting the employment relationship. Read more


As the flood waters recede, legal questions remain for employers

Employment contracts may need altering if weather disruption is likely to recur. Read more


Why has the uptake of employer share schemes been so low?

With Nick Clegg and Vince Cable at loggerheads over employee shareholder schemes, figures suggest that the scheme may be having a minimal effect. Many schemes are overcomplicated and employees may be nervous about working in this way and giving up some of their employment rights for shares. But is it time for your manufacturing business to join the Chancellor’s bandwagon and reconsider employee ownership participation? Read more

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National Living Wage launches in April 2016

The National Living Wage will be launched in April 2016 – what do you need to know and how will this affect employers and employees? Read more


Employees who were laid off just before a TUPE transfer, still transfer

In the case of Hodgkins & Others –v- Midland Decorators ltd, Mr Hodgkins and his colleagues were carrying out work which was subcontracted to their employer from another company. Read more


The Government has published a new bill protecting apprentices

The Government has published the Enterprise Bill. This protects apprentices by making it a criminal offence to offer apprenticeship courses and training when it is not a statutory apprenticeship. Read more


Employee on long term sick leave does not transfer

The Tribunal has looked at whether an employee who is permanently off work sick can be assigned to an organised grouping of employees in the event of a TUPE transfer, meaning that he or she moves to the new company. Read more


Low Pay Commission consultation on national minimum wage rates

At the end of July the Low Pay Commission (LPC) opened a consultation seeking views on the proposed changes to the national minimum wage (NMW) and the introduction of the new National Living Wage (NLW) which was announced in the budget earlier in the month. Read more


Government launches plan to limit strikes

The government today (15 July 2015) has introduced reforms to strengthen strike laws. Read more

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