Financial Settlement on Divorce

Financial Settlement on Divorce

Our highly experienced team of family law solicitors specialises in advising clients on financial issues and the division of assets on divorce and separation. We are particularly well known for acting on behalf of high net worth individuals with complex financial structures and high value assets.

We will advise you of your rights and the likely financial settlement so that you can negotiate effectively with your spouse to achieve a fair financial settlement as well as the importance in obtaining a consent order dealing with the financial claims.

If you are unable to reach agreement on how your finances should be split then it might be necessary to make an application to the court. Our divorce solicitors will be able to guide you through the divorce process with as much support as possible and, if necessary, advise you on applications to the court for financial remedy (previously known as ancillary relief).

We can provide you with practical tailored advice on capital splits, property adjustment, pensions, maintenance, provision for children and the creation or variation of financial settlements. We are also experienced in dealing with the problems that may arise where businesses, including family businesses and family estates or trusts, are involved.

We also have experience in cases with an international element. If you have any concerns that your spouse is removing assets from the country or hiding assets offshore then we can advise you about applying to the court for a freezing order. No two cases are alike. We listen to you and formulate the best approach for your particular and individual circumstances.

We can also advise you on alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative lawmediation or arbitration. We are able to draw, where necessary, upon the expertise of our colleagues in the property, private client and corporate teams and we have a wealth of contacts such as accountants, IFAs and valuers who we can call upon where required.

If you would like to know more about financial settlements on divorce please telephone or email our team of specialist family law solicitors for an initial discussion about your case and the likely costs.

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"The team brings just the right mix of empathy and professionalism to their dealings with clients."

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