• In her 30 plus years at Brachers, Sharon has gained a wealth of experience and popularity. Her time spent supporting numerous teams such as litigation, family and personal injury, has built upon her expertise in systems, workflows and training and resulted in her current key role as the IT Support and Training Manager.

    Friendly staff, supportive and approachable colleagues who share the same vision.

    Sharon Hooper IT Support and Training Manager
  • In a few sentences, describe a typical day for you.

    It’s difficult to detail my typical day as each day is different but that’s what I love about my role. Variety, new challenges and completing what I set out to achieve.

    What do you like most about what you do here at Brachers?

    The support and dedication from my peers and my team as we share the same vision for the future of Brachers which is to become the best we can possibly be.

  • Why have you stayed with the firm for as long as you have?

    For me personally, Brachers have encouraged my learning and development which has provided me with the opportunity to undertake different tasks and move to a different role since I joined the firm. I’ve also developed many friendships amongst staff so they are more than just colleagues.

    What’s your favourite part of working with your team and wider colleagues?

    Teamwork, support, knowledge sharing, excellent communication and of course a sense of humour.

    Tell me about a memorable moment during your career at Brachers. How did it come about and what did it mean to you?

    When I was lucky enough to move roles from secretary to IT trainer. There was an interview and presentation process which made me extremely nervous but luckily I got through this and was fortunate enough to be given the position. The training was something completely new to me, but thankfully I had excellent support from my manager at the time who helped develop my skills to take the role forward. I’ve not looked back! I didn’t ever think that my career path would take me down the training route.

    What stands out to you about the culture at Brachers?

    Friendly staff, supportive and approachable colleagues who share the same vision.

  • What are you most proud of, working at Brachers?

    Brachers is known as one of the leading law firms in the south east and being part of that alone makes me proud. I’ve often stood and listened to our lawyers presentations at seminars and their wealth of knowledge and experience in their field is mind blowing. Being part of this makes me feel very proud of who I work for. Everyone has a role to fulfil and each and every staff member works extremely hard to get the job done.

    Finally: What would you say to someone considering working at Brachers?

    Jump onboard, you are joining a great team!

  • Brachers life

    We have a long and rich history of helping clients in Kent and supporting numerous charity and community initiatives for over 125 years.

    As a firm we continue to grow, and are proud to be leading the way with our innovation and investment in technology.

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  • “Friendly staff, supportive and approachable colleagues who share the same vision.”

    Sharon Hooper, IT Support and Training Manager
  • Building your career

    We believe in the potential of our staff and allowing people to shine. With our clear progression routes and a range of support systems, you’ll have all you need to achieve a fulfilling career.

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  • Benefits

    Our staff work really hard and we think hard work should be rewarded. We offer a great benefits package to ensure we make your work with Brachers, and your life outside of work, more fulfilling.

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  • “My role from trainee to partner at Brachers has been very rewarding. I now enjoy supporting and mentoring the new trainees joining our team”

    Matt Simmonds, Partner (Corporate and Commercial)
  • “This is a great place to work. If you are looking for an alternative opportunity to a London firm, but want to maintain the quality of clients and work, you couldn’t do better than joining Brachers”

    Alex Cosgrove, Partner (Corporate and Commercial)
  • Early career opportunities

    Whether you are a student looking for work experience, you are considering your first steps into a legal career or you are exploring a new career path, we offer a wide range of opportunities to give you the best start.

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